Truth About Canadian Women
03. 08. 2018

Truth About Canadian Women

2018 is the year of the Truth About Canadian Women

2018 is the year of the Truth About Canadian Women and on International Women’s Day we launched a teaser featuring some topline findings, from what will be a series of mini reports on a nationwide provocative Study.

Women today are at the heart of a cultural debate globally, and while strides have been made in advancing the discussion, gaps remain in our understanding of this important and influential audience.

60% of Canadians who voiced an opinion believe we don’t have gender equality in Canada

View the initial findings here

In 2016, we developed The Truth About Canadians – a landmark consumer research study in partnership with Ipsos. This year, once again we partnered with Ipsos to launch the follow-up to that work – The Truth About Canadian Women.

Starting with a nationwide quantitative survey, the study will explore the changing lives, roles and expectations of women and their effect on the new norms in Canada.  Coupled with qualitative research and interviews with key marketing industry leaders, the study will provide an in-depth look at Canadian women, while taking the pulse of Canadians with respect to their opinions, values and expectations of modern brands.

In addition, this year, we will be digging even deeper by enabling conversations and debates with a wide range of influential women through an exclusive ‘Game Changer’ dinner series.  The events will bring together some of Canada’s most influential and inspirational women from across the country to discuss key topics and their implications for marketers.

Mini reports and findings will be released over the next eight months, you can see a sneak peek of our early findings here to see what you can look forward to in 2018.

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