National Report by McCann Worldgroup Canada uncovers serious gaps in gender equality within Canadian homes
05. 31. 2018

National Report by McCann Worldgroup Canada uncovers serious gaps in gender equality within Canadian homes

New Study Finds 73% of Men Believe Household Chores are Shared Equally, While 40% of Women Believe They Do It All Alone

TORONTO, CANADA (May 30 2018) The majority of Canadian men, 73% – believe that household chores are shared equally or mostly equally in their households, while 40% of Canadian women believe they do all the work alone, according to new research from McCann Worldgroup Canada.  Called the Truth About Canadian Women, the study explores the changing conversation around women in Canada today – how they are shaping change and how this change is shaping everything around them.

The ‘Roles in the Household’ report issued today is the second of five in the series that will be released this year on the changing roles of women in Canadian society, including in-depth explorations of how women feel about their work, household roles, aging, and media representations.  View the full report here.

The research also unveiled that there are three main gaps between the genders; reality, perception and workload. This makes Canadian homes appear more traditional than we may have thought. However, we see more and more that Canadians are looking to technology and brands to help bridge these gaps.

“Fundamental changes to the household means that the clarity of roles within it is disappearing,” said Mary Chambers, Chief Strategy Officer of McCann Worldgroup Canada. “This represents an opportunity for brands to innovate in this space to help shape the modern Canadian household.”

In 2016, McCann Worldgroup Canada developed The Truth About Canadians – a landmark consumer research study in partnership with Ipsos. This year, once again they partnered with Ipsos to launch the follow-up to that work – The Truth About Canadian Women.  In addition to the study results themselves, the research will be going even deeper by enabling conversations and debates with a wide range of influential women through an exclusive ‘Game Changer’ dinner series. The events will bring together some of Canada’s most influential and inspirational women from across the country to discuss key topics and their implications for marketers.

Starting with a nationwide quantitative survey, the Truth About Canadian Women study is designed to explore the changing lives, roles and expectations of women and their effect on the new norms in Canada. Coupled with qualitative research and interviews with key marketing industry leaders, the study provides an in-depth look at Canadian women, while taking the pulse of Canadians with respect to their opinions, values and expectations of modern brands.

McCann Worldgroup Canada plans to use the study over the coming months to provide customized marketing workshops and business applications for select clients and interested marketers in Canada.

Conducted by McCann Worldgroup Canada and Ipsos Public Affairs, McCann Worldgroup Canada’s Truth About Canadian Women study has uncovered some surprising facts about Canadian Women, that will be explored over the next several months:

  • Women & Work: April 2018 – View the full report here.
    • Gender equality at work?  Women aren’t feeling it.
    • 76% of women believe we don’t have gender equality in the workplace
  • Roles in the Household: May 2018 – View the full report here.
    • One home, two realities.
    • 73% of men believe household chores are shared, while 40% of women believe they do all the work alone
  • The Imperfect Portrayal of Women: July 2018
    • Best Intentions aren’t enough.
    • 67% of millennial women believe there are too many gender stereotypes in advertising
  • Women over 50: The Untapped Opportunity: August 2018
    • Past 50:  The best is yet to come.
    • 58% of women feel their lives are fuller after 50
  • Raising Girls and Boys: September 2018
    • The promise of real change.
    • 63% of millennial parents are raising Gen Alpha gender neutral


  • Quantitative Survey: Collected online among a representative sample of n=2,700 adult Canadians, 18 years of age and older, 60/40 M/F split
  • Nation-wide qualitative Bulletin Boards & Workshops: with Canadian women who are leaders in their own communities
  • 30+ Expert Interviews: with leading Canadian marketers and women shaping change in Canada today
  • Game Changer Dinner Series: with women of influence across Canada’s key cities, tackling one topic at a time