BRENDAN MARLEY, Group Account Director


Group Account Director

Before moving to Toronto in February 2015, I was living in the Detroit area and working at MRM-DET on the Chevrolet account. Born and raised in Michigan, I have always been a huge Detroit Red Wings fan. It just so happens that when Mike Babcock was still coaching the Wings we shared the same tailor. One day when getting a suit fitted, the tailor asked my size and had me try on a beautiful black sport coat. The jacket fit perfectly, but was certainly out of my price range, so I told him that I could not afford it. He responded by telling me that Mike Babcock had ordered the sport coat, but realized that he already had one just like it, so he said to give it to the next guy that it fit and that guy was me. And that's how I ended up with a free sport coat once worn by the Leafs head coach.