BRITTANY METRO, Media Administrative Assistant


Media Administrative Assistant

When I was in grade 9, our family went on vacation to Cuba. We met this other family that was vactioning there at the same time. I'm not typically the type of person that does crazy things but we had been watching sky divers land on our beach for the week we were at our hotel. The dad of the family we met was saying how his son and himself were going to go sky diving the following day. I was tryin to be cool and said that I would totally skydive (but I really didnt want to). My dad woke me up at 6am the next morning and told me that Barry (the dad we met on the beach) had bought me a ticket to skydive with him and his son. I couldn't exactly back out so I took a bunch of Gravol and Pepto and ended up going. My mom was super mad that my dad was letting me go. The plane we jumped out of had no doors and looked like it was going to fall apart. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life and I landed on our beach to my mom and sister, who for sure thought I wasn't going to do it! I've never been again!