DIANE RIDGWAY-CROSS, Vice President, Business Strategy & Development


Vice President, Business Strategy & Development

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to do my first TED Talk. Given my experience in marketing to women, I chose the topic of “Conscious Consumerism and the Power of the Purse” which was pretty standard fare for me. Unfortunately, although I had given dozens of speeches before, I vastly underestimated the anxiety (ok, panic) that preparing for an actual TED Talk could induce. After weeks of writing and re-writing my speech, practicing endlessly in front of my dog who always fell asleep, plus a solid weekend of Downton Abbey binge-watching (we call this stage “denial”) – the Talk day finally came. My “Truth Well Told?” I admit it: I popped a Xanax, walked on stage and gave the talk almost flawlessly. #ConqueringFears