KYLE SHIELDS, Art Director


Art Director

When I was younger, I taught sailing and coached a race team in Georgian Bay. The job was mostly lounging in the sun. On one of those blue-skied, thirty-degree, sunny mornings I saw a dark, purple haze coming over the horizon. “What is that”? I radioed the other instructors but suddenly a massive wall of weather was heading our way at an alarming rate. The wind began roaring, lighting flashed and hail rained down. Masts were breaking and boats capsizing everywhere, our students were all swimming for safety. We had to abandon the sail boats, and rescue all the kids in our dingy. Before we even made it to shore, the docks had broken loose and our boats were being ripped to shreds. Luckily, everyone made it back safe. This was the scariest weather I’ve ever seen. Now I know what a white squall is.