Truth Central

McCann Truth Central is McCann’s global thought leadership unit dedicated to unearthing unique truths. Truth Central creates original research to help shape and grow our Client’s businesses, with a new study every three months. With the help of our regional directors, each study covers up to 20 markets to provide a truly global view.

In the last decade we’ve seen a seismic shift in the way that marketers approach the retail category; big data and shopper marketing are starting to dominate the landscape. The Truth About Shopping aims to recapture the lost ‘art of shopping’ at a time when the conversation has become increasingly scientific. Irrespective of what categories or markets, shopping is fundamentally determined by human behavior. The study offers a rich human perspective on the role of shopping around the world today.

No one can deny that navigating today’s global marketing landscape has become increasingly unpredictable. As people, brands and ideas mix in new ways, the roles of marketers and marketing continue to evolve. To better understand this ever-growing complexity we undertook a comprehensive global research study to find out “The Truth About Global Brands.” The study was based on an online quantitative survey of 30,000 consumers in 29 markets, supported by qualitative research in over 20 markets around the world.

Brands in recent years have been obsessed with talking to fans, a group of people whose passion for their chosen interest makes them more vocal and more evangelical than ordinary consumers. But fans’ behavior has changed in recent years; technology has empowered them like never before, and social media has spurred new forms of self-expression. The Truth About Fans looks at what this means for brands, and presents some essential principles for brands to follow in order to effectively engage the 21st century fan.

If Millennials are their own breed of mobile consumer, then Snapchat-wielding Generation Z is surely a new species entirely. Our second “Truth About Youth” includes more than 30,000 interviews across the globe to explore the ever-changing landscape of youth culture and how marketers can engage this dynamic audience.

How do consumers view the advertising industry? How does the industry view itself? With a survey of 1,000 consumers, almost 500 advertising professionals, and man-on-the-street interviews in addition to industry experts, we didn’t just unearth a fundamental gap in perceptions. We also found the levers that advertising agencies can utilize to elevate the image of the industry in order to attract the best and the brightest talent. This study was conducted in partnership with the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) and our sister agency, Momentum.

We all know that connectivity via technology is a tremendously important force in contemporary culture. In this truth study, we have explored the notion of connectivity from some new and provocative angles. We’ve broached subjects like whether mobility impacts fundamentals such as our motivations and personalities and whether life lived through a screen gives us a different moral compass. Most importantly, we’ve provided strategies for consumer brands, device manufacturers and networks to navigate this brave new world of ubiquitous connectivity.

What differentiates Asian women from their counterparts elsewhere in the world? This has been the topic of much speculation by everyone from anthropologists to corporate executives. McCann Truth Central in Asia draws upon our previous Truth Studies as well as fresh research to highlight ten distinct ways in which Asian women approach life.

What is affluence today? The Truth About Affluence paints a portrait of today’s affluent consumer to help brands engage the top 20%. Our research included an online survey of 4000 affluent individuals in 21 of the most influential cities around the world, as well as qualitative dinner parties in 16 of those markets. For an executive summary of this study, please email us at

In the two years since we launched our first Truth About Privacy study, much has changed in the national dialogue around the issue of personal privacy. In this new Truth About Privacy study we uncover how people’s attitudes and behaviours have altered and identify the ‘new rules for cool’ in an era of over-sharing to help brands navigate today’s tapped-in culture. Our research, conducted in the US, included an 1100 person online quantitative study and five focus groups with consumers ranging from 16-60. For an executive summary of this study, please email us at

As Canada’s longest-standing agency, we have an obligation to understand Canadians and the marketplace better than anyone else in the country. In the weeks ahead, we’ll share our unique perspective on how Canadians want to engage with modern brands in today’s interconnected world…stay tuned for more about The Truth About Canadians study.